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Chief Learning Officer Podcast

Jan 11, 2019

Among the many goals organizations have for their learning and development team, building resilience and agility are near the top. Companies want agile leaders and nimble employees able to rapidly adjust to changing business conditions. For CLOs, building those capabilities is a critical part of the mission.

For Tim Tobin, that mission became personal. After several successful years as a learning executive, he found himself on the outside looking in after a corporate reorganization at Marriott. How he bounced back after losing his job and what he learned in the process now inform his work as the head of learning for Choice Hotels International, the company behind a dozen hospitality brands including Comfort Inn, Cambria Suites and Econolodge.

In this podcast recorded live in Washington D.C., Tim shares what setbacks have taught him about himself as well as the critical importance of paying attention to relationships and not just results in the quest to be a successful learning leader.

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Show Notes:

Tim’s Personal Website: Tobin Leadership

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